Marisol Gullo Art

Marisol Gullo moved to South Walton in 2001 with her husband, Tony. She immediately fell in love with the area and was inspired to start painting. Marisol began experimenting with different textures and colors in her work, often trying to capture the beauty and movement of the Emerald Coast, like the Heron’s stilt-like legs disappearing into the tall grass.


Many themes run through Marisol’s work, and you can see the heavy influence of South Walton – through the colors like a piece of blue sea glass, the textures and details of the coast, and the subjects in her pieces. Marisol is inspired by local, coastal birds, marine life, florals, and things one could only find along the sugar white sands of the Emerald Coast. The Lionfish piece (submitted for application) supports local Lionfish removal efforts that help protect these local waters.


Marisol’s love to travel and her love of old buildings has played a large role in her furniture design and her paintings. Marisol finds the beauty in older pieces she sees along her travels and her way to express her love for these things is through her art forms, both furniture and painting. The antique technique of the Blue Roses (submitted for application) expresses Marisol’s more feminine side and that how she’s inspired by the many strong women in her life. See more of her work here and read about her being the 2017 South Walton Artist of the Year.